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To Never Live In Denial - Expanded Edition

by Rally The Fray

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Music: Lawrence/Brennand (Instrumental)
Music: Brennand Lyrics: Van Lanen Right now let's throw our cards on the table And stop being nice to this nightmare Peel off the layers, spit in their faces How long are we gonna keep taking it in the neck? Here we find ourselves as the battle rages on Ten thousand years of expansion and conquest Resistance against the treachery of totality Still nor lost struggles have been won But on the periphery we remain Impotent in the face of power The devastation that plagues us all I plead solidarity to those in opposition Veneration for those who take action Let our arrows pierce the heart of industry This wreckage eternalized everyday I know we all have fury Consider the energy generated by this scene Where does it go? Destined to be one more fragmented Superficial movement as you continue To direct our efforts into success By the system's terms Must it always end in defeat As kids continue falling prey to deceit Lured away by promise and fantasies Used to justify A false heaven We will carry the torch Of insurrectionists past Stand by this resolution To never live in denial Never to live in denial Of what we inevitably face Our potential as beings lost In a fetish of commodities We can be something so far beyond A faux alternative to their standards Disguised by image
Alethia 02:53
Music: Lawrence Lyrics: Van Lanen There was a time When we lived bona fide Through wisdom passed on From elders held inside We listened to the land And heeded every sign Participated in the process of alethia This is our place Wild beasts of the forest Living by voices The civilized Will never hear Ritual of sustenance A simple way the blood spills The spirit grateful for Sacrifice to oneness of life A proud people show reverence Eating raw heart As it passes around The circle of flames Embrace the blood Swallow the life Exalt the wonder Leaver culture Found solace in the Propriety of here and now Sophists proclaim Supremacy of their ways You fucking liar Show me proof Which justifies your world The body transcends the flesh A congenital contract In occupancy of place Ancestral embodiment of limits Life in the circle of mutual influence This is my search for the primal Vision quest for cosmos In a world got awry This is my search for the primal I embrace the forces Of pre-cognitive life world Pathologic culture of domestication Foolishly embracing myths of progress Inexorable warrior chief stands Magnanimous in the face of enculturation I abandon the entropic project Of planetary domination And proudly celebrate the demise Of your world I will resist as you eradicate yourselves In the irreversible recession of a functioning earth And on that day When civilization dies We will begin anew Immersed within the great lesson Of relatedness
Sink or Swim 03:41
Music: Brennand Lyrics: Brennand I have a confession to make Those times when you can't get out of bed Because being awake hurts too much sometimes Well I feel that way too Yes I feel that way too Those times when all When all that you care for Seems to lose all meaning I understand where you're coming from And I know it's an uphill battle every day And here we are Singing songs about honor, strength and determination When deep inside I'm as scared And lonely and jaded as everyone else As everyone else But this life, the only life There are only two real choices And there's only two that matter Dying and living And I think that I've been spending far Far too much time dying as of late So I'll rise up again and I'll confront I'll confront the world And all that's wrong with it With every breath that I take And at the end At the end of the day I still might feel A little bit hopeless But I'll know that I gave it my all and that I stood up Stood up for what I felt was right And here we are Singing songs about honor, strength and determination When deep inside I'm as scared And lonely and jaded as everyone else We will never forget That this is something worth fighting for We'll take this life we live And we'll let the world know that we exist Not as apathetic remains but as intelligent youth Striving for change We'll take this life And we'll live
Music: Brennand Lyrics: Van Lanen Through all these years of living and learning in life There's one conviction I hold priceless until the end This quality which separates the fakes from my friends So many have brought it all down So many have let me down Still never to hinder my eternal spirit To you I will always remain true What do we do when we’ve got no one left to burn? You left me here with nothing As I sit and watch these dreams die What happened to the power? What happened to the drive? Please remember you can always count on me Honor lives forever inside me So sacred I hold the value of integrity I will never let you down You can always count on me Respect is the foundation of trust Discipline to always remain on track With the benefit of never letting you down I know a pledge can sometimes be a nuisance Always remember what lies on the other side It’s time to hold strong and stand your ground From the most inner vessel of my should Comes this pride of knowing I will always stand by What I promised to you Through all these years of living and learning in life Comes this wisdom that must always apply Your externalities destroy everything This precarious balance will make the difference between The shame that kills our energy And the honor of knowing our efforts live on
Music: Lawrence Lyrics: Van Lanen Let us break the deadlock Between fear and our heart's desire The best kept state secret Is the misery of everyday life Complacency is the transmission of the times We cast aside our hearts, what we know is right Surrender solid ground we stand To achieve a sliver of status A mirage of prestige I know how it feels to be so weak I know how it feels to be so weak We must position intuition against convention Cash in convictions, what is in your heart We will challenge ourselves to run the risks Bring our wildest dreams into being with every step Why do we choose to look away? Blend in with utility that feeds on vacillation Evade the strife concomitant to the affirmation Our lives are bound to the torment of all This was never about being accepted Because all my life I've been rejected Conditioned to be comfortable you pass the buck We will sacrifice convenience in the path of being real To this world and to ourselves This is about being real to ourselves We can no longer afford to deny Something is misplaced and we're all compliant At least I fucking try to understand Where it was we all went wrong Disrupt every boundary in the face of those who lie To us and themselves Let's push the limits now Society sucker, your life is based upon Maximization of your ego We will take you out Never cower in the face of your ravage This is a war Let us empower people to be themselves
The Facade 03:27
Music: Brennand Lyrics: Brennand I walked that line myself The one that forced me to close my eyes Rather than investigate I’m free but you’re still blind Solace in your servitude Faith in your lack of judgement Every day you kiss that cross Is another day you destroy your reason Is this live oh so bad To warrant a postulation Of a nonexistent sphere Of peaceful bliss and false salvation This world deserves much more than that And our lives are worth much more than to Give them up for some intangible god fairy tale Future life destroying the present day by day by day The more man puts into God the less he reserves for himself And I know it’s difficult to watch childhood fables die But everything is dying as we speak And Sunday visits and nightly prayers won’t mean a fuck in the end What it all boils down to is what matters more The reality of this world or some deluded dream So instead we try where reason’s needed most I follow not the selfish path of salvation Now the time has come once and for all To free ourselves from the lies we’ve clung to A new dawn of temperance and reason Based on empirical truths, not grand narratives Awakened form our dogmatic slumber finding beauty in an earth That’s free from an artisan A privileged primate finding our place in life fulfilled Complete, and fully responsible for themselves I vow to never follow false chronicles of a hollow god My divinity, my salvation, lies in this world that I love Burn every shrine Smash every altar Erase the facade from existence Posit yourself as your own deity And posit this earth as it’s own temple No gods, no masters
Music: Lawrence Lyrics: Van Lanen Spend your time speaking lies Mislead the youth, alter the truth Deceivers have formed the disguise You can trick the masses But you can't fool the wise Spreading lies You're hiding behind a front Image market monopoly Your art form is the enemy Network to communicate the falsehood Broadcast to breed the ignorance Transformed consumer clone Conditioned to serve the death culture Chain reaction passed on through generations You're confused taught how to use your mind To achieve what they believe is life Shown on the screen, with your bitches and gold Luxury auto, estate on the coast Avaricious tool, you play the fool Loot sucked into a media pawn Relentlessly enforcing this life of ego, lust, greed Majority lives within this horrifying fantasy spectacle Society Competition Depression Fueling our Oppression Your cookie cutter culture Will never mold me Identity sold at the expense of your soul To increase profitability Watch your life flourish with sanctity As you break free From the images on your TV
Music: Brennand Lyrics: Brennand At the end of every single day The promises I've made Are what keep me going through this life And all the things I've sworn to myself Are what matter most in the end But can I live up to these goals? Or will my convictions fade so quickly? Will I choose to be A hypocrite in the end? Setting no example and failing expectations I will pick myself back up I will not just lay down and die It's time to turn the page Stand up for your dreams All of us together All of us together So many occasions in the past I've procrastinated, telling myself that things can wait For now but this lethargic state has gone too far And I've got to stand up for what's left of my heart These actions are born from honesty and these words Are much more than empty promises This courage that we all possess In some it remains buried In some it shines through till the end Like a flame within that never burns out In these days that try our convictions And virtue is nowhere to be found We will set ourselves as examples We will take back the strength that's in our heart All of us together Their domination Relies upon us being disconnected From our hearts and bodies Let us erode all resistance to feeling And allow ourselves to come undone We must regain agency Either we are anesthetized in a life Of unequivocal negation Or we forge the locus To come back to ourselves
Music: Lawrence Lyrics: Van Lanen Uneducated, self-taught The story of demise Self-realized through the experience Of torment in this life A strength attained To never settle for an acceptance Of “that’s just the way it is” So young So innocent So much love stripped away With each passing day Exposure to the wicked ways And the cure of illusion, which I could never accept So here I am more withered, but stronger than ever Every moment of each day we’re fighting for our lives With no desire to decipher accurately An explanation of reason Left with only the instinct of a being Who knows what must be done I’ve been there; I fucking lived in the dirt Had my face smashed in by steel toed boots And the first of kin Stared down the barrel The barrel in my eyes And barely escaped Escaped with my life Felt the cold sting of inhumanity first hand Where the fuck were you? Deep within my every cell Lies pathological Epidemic of domestication The colonizers have become Colonized themselves, throughout I will not fall into their lies I will not fall into their lies inside of… A twisted mind A twisted heart Born of a twisted culture Lifelong torment the consequences Of coming to acceptance With this veracity It will make you cold And unforgiving



Jaime Van Lanen - Vocals
Patrick Brennand - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Matt Lawrence - Guitar/Bass/Demo Drum Programming
Neil Weiss - Bass
Brian Dinning - Drums

Gang Vocals: Rally The Fray

Guest vocals on The Value Of My Integrity - Jay Andrade (Painstake)

Recorded in January 2006 at 8 Houses Down in Denver, CO. Uploaded in high quality from the original master recording. Includes the previously unreleased demo song "Capable of Agency".

All music and lyrics by Rally The Fray except "Do What You Want" by Bad Religion

Mastering on Capable of Agency by Shannon Bowman/Xeropulse Audio Engineering



released January 6, 2006


all rights reserved



Rally The Fray Fort Collins, Colorado

Crossover positive hardcore/metalcore from Fort Collins, CO. Rally The Fray was highly active in the Northern Colorado hardcore scene from 2004-2007, playing hundreds of shows across the country with tons of awesome bands. Download our music for free!

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