2005 Demo

by Rally The Fray

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Jaime Van Lanen - Vocals
Patrick Brennand - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Matt Lawrence - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ann Stecker - Bass/Backing Vocals
Brian Dinning - Drums

Gang vocals: Rally The Fray

Recorded in fall 2005 by Denali Lawson and Rally The Fray. Uploaded in high quality from the original master recording.

Cover art, layout and logo redone in May 2019 by Matt Lawrence - mattlawrence.net

All music and lyrics by Rally The Fray

Full PDF lyric booklet included!



released September 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Rally The Fray Fort Collins, Colorado

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Track Name: The Value Of My Integrity
Music: Brennand
Lyrics: Van Lanen

Through all these years of living and learning in life
There's one conviction I hold priceless until the end
This quality which separates the fakes from my friends

So many have brought it all down
So many have let me down
Still never to hinder my eternal spirit
To you I will always remain true

What do we do when we’ve got no one left to burn?
You left me here with nothing
As I sit and watch these dreams die

What happened to the power?
What happened to the drive?

Please remember you can always count on me
Honor lives forever inside me
So sacred I hold the value of integrity

I will never let you down
You can always count on me

Respect is the foundation of trust
Discipline to always remain on track
With the benefit of never letting you down

I know a pledge can sometimes be a nuisance
Always remember what lies on the other side
It’s time to hold strong and stand your ground

From the most inner vessel of my should
Comes this pride of knowing I will always stand by
What I promised to you

Through all these years of living and learning in life
Comes this wisdom that must always apply

Your externalities destroy everything
This precarious balance will make the difference between
The shame that kills our energy
And the honor of knowing our efforts live on
Track Name: Two Kings and No Form
Music: Brennand
Lyrics: Van Lanen

Resist the pressure to rot

Ecstasy through symmetry, an illusion
Striving for zero entropy
Limitless possibility foreseen
While others overlook consequence

I will not remain sightless
I will embrace all disorder with fury and desire
I will not let this culture dictate my options
This is what it means to be free

This life’s a fucking free for all
I will no longer live at the mercy of routine
And take for granted what is precious
So I may live up to your expectations

That in the end, will never matter at all

They’ve got us trapped in a scheme
Feasting on our fear for survival
Intimidation enforced labor
Scare tactics for isolation

Promotion of scarcity
Our time is robbed and taken
Serving rapacious entities
But always grateful for the protection of our noble leaders

Each day we face critical decisions to make
As to how we configure our time
We have property
Do our best to make direction
Out of confusion we hold inside

I am feeding and sustaining on a constant state of disequilibrium
Chaos guides me
Your programs diminish me
Disorder and madness

I live my life to the fullest
Potential dies with stability
Absorb turmoil
Optimize possibility

Free energy stored
Equipped to release
If I reach equilibrium
I’ll be a robot

A machine to serve the living dead
Please kill me
I’d rather die than be a slave

A machine to serve the living dead
Please kill me
I’d rather die than be a slave
Track Name: The Facade
Music: Brennand
Lyrics: Brennand

I walked that line myself
The one that forced me to close my eyes
Rather than investigate
I’m free but you’re still blind

Solace in your servitude
Faith in your lack of judgement
Every day you kiss that cross
Is another day you destroy your reason

Is this live oh so bad
To warrant a postulation
Of a nonexistent sphere
Of peaceful bliss and false salvation

This world deserves much more than that
And our lives are worth much more than to
Give them up for some intangible god fairy tale
Future life destroying the present day by day by day

The more man puts into God the less he reserves for himself
And I know it’s difficult to watch childhood fables die
But everything is dying as we speak
And Sunday visits and nightly prayers won’t mean a fuck in the end

What it all boils down to is what matters more
The reality of this world or some deluded dream
So instead we try where reason’s needed most
I follow not the selfish path of salvation

Now the time has come once and for all
To free ourselves from the lies we’ve clung to
A new dawn of temperance and reason
Based on empirical truths, not grand narratives

Awakened form our dogmatic slumber finding beauty in an earth
That’s free from an artisan
A privileged primate finding our place in life fulfilled
Complete, and fully responsible for themselves

I vow to never follow false chronicles of a hollow god
My divinity, my salvation, lies in this world that I love

Burn every shrine
Smash every altar
Erase the facade from existence
Posit yourself as your own deity
And posit this earth as its own temple

No gods, no masters

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